Our Winter term of Ekklesia groups will be launching the week of January 14th. Signups will begin on January 1st.

One of the best ways we've found for people to be a part of the authentic expression of church is in the context of a smaller group that we call an ekklesia. Ekklesia [ekk-luh-see-yuh] is the Greek word meaning "church."

The church is a community on God's mission together. An ekklesia is a smaller expression of this idea. It consists of about 10-20 people in all stages and season of life who are sharing a meal, buidling relationships, and learning how to love God and participate in his mission in the world together 

We desire ekklesias to be not just another program in our church, but rather, a holistic and genuine expression of the church itself Our ekklesias work in partnership with our larger weekend gatherings to ensure that we are getting the full outcomes of all that God desires for Grace City.

Guests and new group participants are welcome at any time.