Ekklesia (ekk-luh-see-yuh) is the Greek word meaning church. It’s what we here at Grace City call small groups. Ekklesias are a holistic and genuine expression of the church itself. Our goal is to create a space to engage in meaningful conversation and establish significant Christ centered relationships. 

The Ekklesia Rhythms: Eat-Pray-Play-Bless

We have a variety of Ekklesias meeting in locations throughout Corvallis, Albany, and Philomath. Each group consists of about 10-20 people, all in different stages and seasons of life, getting together to talk about Jesus. At each weekly gathering expect there to be food, prayer, fellowship, and a discussion of the most recent sermon. 

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When and where do Ekklesias meet?

Our winter session of Ekklesias start meeting the week of January 14th and go through the week of March 22nd. Most Ekklesias meet on evenings and are located throughout Corvallis, Albany, and Philomath. 

What is the commitment that I need to make to Ekklesia?

Our groups meet once a week for 10 weeks during each term: fall, winter, and spring. We encourage members to commit for the full 10 weeks of the term, but at the end of each term there is the option to continue on, take a break, or try a new group.

Am I able to attend as a single adult or without my spouse?

Yes you may! Single adults and couples are welcome to any and all groups. 

Is childcare available?

Many Ekklesias do offer childcare at the location where they meet.  

How do I sign up?

Click the link HERE! We’re excited to get to know you!

Any question we didn’t answer?

Email us at jon@gracecitychurch.org